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I am not a fan of writing testimonials, but this is an exception. While I've known Mike for years, it was just in the last 7 years that I began to appreciate his professional abilities.

We lived in an older home that has been totally remodeled however, there are always those few straggling issues that never seem to be resolved. We have had two such incidents in the last couple of years: 1) the natural gas source in one of our fireplaces was on the fritz, and was not only annoying, but dangerous, and 2) we had a very small bathroom that was functional, but small and ugly, and happened to be the primary bathroom when guests were present.

The fireplace issue became a huge problem when a natural gas pocket caused a seemingly harmless explosion within the firebox. It scared the hell out of us, but all seemed well. The problem was that we were not at all interested in testing it again, so we called Mike. We were going to be out of town for a week, and we asked him to handle it during that week. Although it was extremely short notice, Mike said he could make it happen. He was able to schedule a gas plumber to replumb the gas line, and then his crew took over in resetting the bricks in the fireplace. When we returned from the trip, we frankly thought Mike had not been there because everything looked exactly the same. I called him and asked what happened, and he told me everything went great and we were back in business. To take apart and put back together a 50+ year old fireplace with little or no noticeable differences was amazing to both of us. The workmanship was top-notch, and, the fireplace was once again functional.

The bathroom was an altogether different deal. While it was a pain and an eyesore, it was functional. This past summer however, we decided to put Mike and his crew on it. Without seeing pictures, my words will do it a disservice, but the bathroom looks like a designer bathroom now. The crown molding, paint, and slate tile are beautiful however, the cost was not exorbitant. My wife liked it so much that, when it was completed, she went into the bathroom and actually had a glass of wine to toast it (strange but true)!

I can't recommend Mike and his company enough. Regardless of the fact that I've known Mike for 20 years, I don't allow anyone in my house that I don't trust or whose work is simply competent. Mike is both trustworthy and a craftsman; if it's not perfect, it's not done. It's as simple as that. I would never hesitate in recommending Mike to any friends or clients.

Rob S.

Client Testimonials


United Construction & Restoration has been our contact over the years on several projects -

1) From a water heater overflow & repair in utility room.

2) Took our kitchen back to walls and floor and complete restoration.

3) Repair chimney and roof for water leak.

4) New roof, gutters, garage door - hailstorm in 2010. Work done on time and before many neighbors.

Staff and workers very competent, reliable, honest, friendly, and helpful. Contract fulfilled in a timely manner. Will contact them again, THEY ARE THE BEST!

Doris Rae A.


Our house was completely destroyed while we were away for a week or so. Our hot water heater froze up and busted. The hot water heater was half in the attic and half in the garage and it soaked the entire attic and most of the rooms. The neighbors saw water coming out of the garage door and turned the water off as a favor to us. My insurance company is Allstate and after contacting them they sent United Construction & Restoration out to check on it. The company rebuilt the house like new and I was very well pleased with them and their crew.

Mary Jo B


We recently had a rather extensive remodel done on our 38 year old home in Edmond. For this work we chose United Construction & Restoration to be our General Contractor.

We feel like the project was a complete success and we were very pleased with the performance of United Construction & Restoration and their subcontractors. The crews were top notch craftsmen, pleasant, and courteous.

We would encourage anyone who is considering a remodel or upgrade to contract the people at United.

Art and Janyce M